Record Review: Conan O’Brien & The Legally Prohibited Band 6-10-2010

Back in June I did a post about how I wished I could have been in Nashville for a performance by Conan O’Brien and the Legally Prohibited Band at Jack White’s Third Man Records (click the link for all the details and a video from the performance). At that time I went and pre-ordered the vinyl recording of the show from TMR’s website (you can buy it here). It took awhile for the record to actually get pressed and sent out, but I probably got mine a few weeks ago. It was a nice surprise because I had basically forgotten about the whole thing.

The record’s a ton of fun to listen to. You can tell that Conan’s still bummed out about not being on the Tonight Show and even does a great bit where he jokes how he’s going back in time from hosting the show, to going on a tour, to pressing a record and will most likely be a steamship captain in the near future. It’s fun to listen back now that we know he’s got a show on TBS coming up and that it will simply be called Conan. The set list included “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” “Rock This Town,” “Polk Salad Annie,” “On the Road Again” which he rechristened “I Want to Get My Own Show Again,” “Too Much Monkey Business,” a brief version of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” Radiohead’s “Creep” in a hilarious British accent, “The Weight” and finally “Twenty Flight Rock” with Jack White. I’m fairly sure that “Creep” just happened spontaneously on stage and their performance actually made me kind of like Radiohead, a band I think is ridiculously overhyped.

I wish the record would have come with some kind of download code so I could easily put these tracks on my iPod, they’re that fun to listen to (and let’s be honest, Conan’s band has always been the hottest on television, with the possible exception of The Roots on Fallon). I’ve got one of those record players that converts to MP3, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass to operate. Oh well, considering I do most of my work from home anyway, it won’t be a big deal.

So, if you’re interested in listening to an actual record of a giant Irishman backed by a hot band playing songs written by old black men from the south (plus some Brits, Elvis and a few other folks), then this is the perfect thing for you to pick up!

I Wanted To Go To There: Conan At Third Man In Nashville

Last Wednesday, Conan sent out a mysterious Tweet saying: “Jack White & I are doing something cool tomorrow. Hint: it involves a LOT of Tears for Fears songs. Details here:” which lead to this equally mysterious video on the Team Coco site.

See, Third Man Records is describe as a “record store, record label, and one stop production house with a rehearsal and photo studio, darkroom, and production office and distribution center” on the website. Apparently there’s enough space to put on a fairly decent show too, as Conan and his band showed up to play a set.

People started lining up pretty early for the festivities and Jack White even tossed water down to folks while they waited which is pretty rad. My buddy Jesse who lives and works in Nashville said he heard people started lining up at 10 Thursday morning. I wish there was more of the above video because I’d like to see more of Conan performing in such a small space, especially with Jack White. Luckily Third Man will be putting out an LP (an actual record, folks) that you can pre-order here at there store for $15 plus anywhere between $4.90 and $25.30 shipping depending on how quickly you want it. I’m going with the slow, cheap method.