Toy Commercial Tuesday: Ghostbusters Firehouse Playset

Hey gang, hope you had a happy holidays and maybe even got some cool new toys. I’m still going down memory lane checking out the above commercial for some rad old toys. After posted not one, but two different Ghostbusters-related TCT posts, I figured I’d keep going with the above pair (plus a bonus G.I. Joe one if you keep watching). I love playsets, but don’t think I ever saw the Fire House in person. I did however either have or knew people who had those crazy football player and cop ghosts. I still see them at flea markets every now and then and am keeping my eyes peeled for a few good ones to add to my collection. Ghostbusters have some of the all-time best action figures of all time!

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Real Ghostbusters Role Play

Last week I mentioned how an episode of Toy Hunter inspired me to do a series of Real Ghostbusters themed Toy Commercial Tuesday posts this month. Above you can see the actual one that started this whole thing. I didn’t actually have the Ghost Trap or Ecto Goggles as a kid but I think a friend did and we’d play with this stuff all the time.

I did however have the Ghost Popper seen in the above commercial. I’m pretty sure my friend did too and we’d have some pretty epic wars shooting those yellow tubes at each other. Someone else I know — maybe a cousin? — had the Proton Pack which seemed cool, but I remember those foam proton streams not doing too well when it came to not getting broken.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Real Ghostbusters Figures & Vehicles

While watching an episode of Toy Hunter on Travel Channel — a show that has grown on me since it debuted — I saw an old school commercial for Ghostbusters toys that made me slap my forehead. Had I really never done a Ghostbusters commercial for TCT? After a bit of searching I was shocked to find out that was the case. To remedy that, I’m going to do one a week for the rest of December.

The beauty of these toys is just how terrified the Ghostbusters and their pals get while doing their jobs. That would be like my eyes bugging out of my head every time I had a deadline. Actually…that’s not too far off from the truth. Anyway, here you’ve got a Spangler and Venkman facing off against the Full Speed Ahead Ghost which drives them towards Highway Haunter, a Volkswagen Beetle that transformers into an armored praying mantis. Then there’s the airplane ghost.

This commercial was a nice trip down memory lane because I remember that crazy bit of animation at the very beginning of the video that used to run on USA and I actually have the Highway Haunter. I don’t remember how or why I got my hands on it, but it was a ridiculously fun toy. I can only imagine how much fun the toymakers had while coming up with more and more insane action features and kooky ghosts.