Casting Internets

Whoops, meant to publish this yesterday.

Dean over at Springfield Punx has started up another week of Simpson-esque versions of the characters from Lost. I love these theme weeks he does. Here’s today’s entry, Claire. Check SP this week for all his updates.

Also, did you know that Ohio is the only state in the Union that has an offical rock song? That’s what I learned from Music Legends Revealed #22 today. Now, don’t get me wrong, I learned in 7th grade that “Hang On Sloopy” was the official rock song of my fair state, BUT I just assumed every state had one. So take that Washington, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Texas with your rich musical heritage! HA!

I just discovered a site called Holy Taco with a post called 25 Awesome Stained Glass Windows. Most look like Photoshop work–good work, but fakes nonetheless–except for this Batman one. Check out the post for the full list which includes Gene Simmons, Kermit The Frog and Optimus Prime.

I pretty much completely agree with Tom Bondurant’s Grump Old Fan post called “The new Justice League, working against the clock.” It’s nice to read another JLA fan

Casting Internets

According to Toy News International, I’ll have a second chance to score a Masters of the Universe Classics Skeletor figure! Here’s my second chance to get a Skeletor!

Wired says I’m screwed for multitasking. Maybe that’s why my brain completely shuts down and I just sit staring at my desk for minutes at a time without being able to remember what I was furiously doing a second ago. Not good…

Kiel’s Linko XIX post brought this amazing blog to my attention. It’s a whole blog dedicated to people drawing in Jack Kriby’s style called Kirby-Vision.

My buddy Alex of DC’s The Source, runs down a bunch of comics sites “you should bookmark immediately” in a guest blog over at PopCandy. UnitedMonkee must have JUST missed the cut 🙂

And finally, a group of friends and I have been kicking around Weezer memories lately, which got me thinking about back in 2002 when Maladroit came out and I drove two hours home from Delaware, Ohio to Toledo to buy the record at midnight the day it came out at my beloved and now long gone Boogie Records. New-at-the-time Weezer bass player Scott Shriner was also from Toledo and it happened that his dad was at Boogie picking up his own copy of the record. Someone snapped a pic and sent it to and it just so happened that I was in it! Em’s there too, though she does not care and I’m talking to my friend who got me into Weezer, but he didn’t make the shot. I couldn’t find the picture anywhere, so I sent an email to Karl at and before the day was through he sent it to me. Thanks Karl. Here’s the pic (this is as big as it gets):

An Epic Journey

This weekend Em and I went to Columbus, Ohio for the wedding of a friend I’ve known since my freshman year of high school and his lovely new bride. In a weird twist, we have three weddings this year, and for all three the bride’s name is Megan. Crazy right? Anyway, that turned out to be one of the more normal aspects of this trip as it slowly descended into whatever can go wrong, will go wrong territory.

The plan was to fly out Friday afternoon from the airport right down the street from our house, connect in Detroit, have an hour layover and then fly to C-bus where my buddy Randy and his wife Lindsey would pick us up and we’d head downtown to hang out with almost all of my friends from high school. It was supposed to be fairly easy and end with some drunken revelry. That’s not quite how it went down.

At the airport, we actually ran into Justin who was off to Cali for work. They boarded his plane really quickly because this storm was rolling in and then they got stuck on the runway for 45 minutes to an hour. The storm pushed our flight back about 50 minutes, but things cleared up and we headed out with enough time to not miss our connector in the D.

The flight itself was fine. I dozed off after reading some House of Seven Gables (I’m trying to get some culture). Once we landed we ran down the terminal and made it with time to spare (it’s not easy to run in boat shoes with a big ass back pack on your back). We made it with time to spare and had a seat at the gate. It was then that I realized I had left my copy of House of Seven Gables on the previous plane. Since we didn’t have much time and it was just a Barnes & Noble version of the book, I wasn’t too worried about it. Soon after, they started boarding the plane, which was supposed to take off around 7:15PM. Em and I got on and got situated. Then, about five minutes later an airline guy came on the plane and told as that the airline had changed this plane and it was now going to Cincinnati. And we had to get off the plane.

Between the two of us Em and I have done a good bit of traveling, but neither of us had ever heard of something like this. So, after getting off the plane, the new departure time was 8:00PM. After that I grabbed a beer at an Irish pub right across from our gate, which was nice and calmed me down a bit. Then the departure time changed to 8:30. Then 9:00. Then 10:00. Around 9:30 or so, one of our fellow travelers got a call saying that, according to the internet, the flight was cancelled and it had disappeared from the board in the airport. The woman at the gate started making calls and it turned out it was cancelled due to weather. Here’s the crazy thing, even if there was bad weather, which I’m doubtful of, there was another flight for Columbus leaving at 9:30. I’m not sure how that adds up, or how bad the weather could get in a half hour, but there was definitely some shadiness going on (this was a Delta/Northwest flight for the record).

I actually felt really bad for the woman at the gate, because, it’s obviously not her fault, she’s just the one giving a bunch of pissed off people the bad news. And the news got worse as we stood there waiting. First, her computer stopped working so she couldn’t tell us what other flights there were and we were waiting for her supervisor to show up and tell us if they would be providing accommodations. We were sure what we were gonna do. The wedding wasn’t until 5:30 or so on Saturday, but it turned out that the first flight to C-bus on Saturday was 11:45AM and they wouldn’t pay for hotels because they blamed the cancellation on weather. I call total bullshit. Maybe if they hadn’t pulled us off of a plane and continuously bumped us back, it would have been different, but it’s not okay to keep yanking people around like that and I don’t think we’ll be flying Delta or NWA again.

So, we decided to rent a car and just drive the 3-4 hours to the hotel and just make it work. At the baggage desk they told us that our luggage had already gone through to C-bus on that 9:30 flight. Meanwhile this woman who wasn’t very nice at all walked behind the desk and told all the people helping us that they would not be getting bags because they didn’t have the manpower. Now, I don’t know if that was true or not, but she was a total asshole the way she said it loud enough for all of us to hear it.

Now, before we actually went to baggage an older gentleman offered to give us a ride. I told him I’d talk to my wife and let him know. After trying to talk about it while passing through the color-changing German techno tunnel:

we decided to just get our own car, but after finding out our bags we actually ran into the guy again right outside the car rental place and he offered again, so we took it. He seemed like a nice enough guy and then he went to find this other guy who he talked to.

The four of us waited for the bus to take us to the rental car place and made small talk, something we made a LOT of during the long drive down to C-bus. But, before we could get going there was one more snag: the car’s tail lights were out. A guy pulled up next to us and told us. Both of them. Have you ever heard of that happening? The brake lights were fine, it was just the running lights. So, we headed back to the rental place (we were only about 5 minutes away, so it wasn’t a huge deal), got another car and left around 11.

The drive was fine and both of the guys were really nice, but it was hard to stay awake. On paper, it might not have been the smartest thing to do in the world, but he seemed like a nice guy and he turned out to be an incredibly nice man, as he wouldn’t let us pay for any portion of the car or even for gas.

We ended up getting to C-bus (he actually dropped us off right at the hotel) after driving through the town we went to school in and our old stomping grounds, which was kind of surreal. I think it was around 2:30? My sense of timing is all off because I was so exhausted. But it was great seeing Randy, Lindsey, Chad Yates and meeting his new lady Kristen. Toth and Matt Hartmann showed up later (they were hanging out with the rest of our friends, including Matt Bond, the groom, near OSU). I was bummed to miss out on that, but I grabbed a whiskey and Coke and relaxed. Meanwhile, Chad had a Pomegranate Passion Fruit Cooler (this from the dude who I invented Sweet Tart whiskey with):

I had a beer before/in bed and then fell asleep but didn’t sweep too well. The next day we met up with Heather, who was in our wedding, and everyone else in our hotel (Erica showed up after we did actually, but we were asleep) and got Mexican food. We came back and it turned out that Chad and Randy were wearing the same shirt:

We then went to the wedding and it was amazing. I remember the first time I met Megan. Geoff and I went down to visit Bond and she refused to hang out with us on a Friday because she had to study for a test on Tuesday. I always thought that was pretty funny. Anyway, the ceremony was great and it’s always fun to see my friends in the same spot I was in a few years back. I’ve made it a point to watch the groom when the bride shows up. Sorry brides 🙂

The reception was equally awesome and it was great to see everyone who we missed hanging out with the night before. Charlie was in from Texas, the Suttons were there, Jen, Geoff, his fiance Eileen, Chad Mikrut in from Japan and of course Bond and Megan. Did I miss anyone? If so, I suck and am sorry. Everyone seemed to be in a really good mood which was awesome and I got to have some great conversations with everyone. We were a pretty tight group throughout high school and it’s nice to know that we can pick right up where we left off after all this time.

The best part of the whole reception, though, was when Matt got up and played “When I Think About You I Touch Myself” with the dueling pianos guy. It was amazing and luckily I took some video with my new phone. Excuse the weird angle, I’m still getting used to this thing.

Everything was great and we ended up heading back to our hotel where we hung out before going to sleep. Well, I was sleeping in theory. I was paranoid about not waking up on time (we were getting a cab to the airport at 6:15AM). Plus, there was quite the commotion going on out in the hallway as there were almost several fights and then some dude kept coming back to a room and banging on the door trying to get inside. It was not optimal sleeping conditions to say the least.

Luckily, the trip home went off without a hitch, somewhat renewing my faith in the airline industry, but not 100%. We even got to go out onto the tarmac and get right on the plane:

So, the journey was long and crazy and not optimal, but it was absolutely worth it to see the Bonds get married and to see all my friends again. I hope they enjoy their honeymoon in Mexico, hopefully we took away all the bad travel karma and theirs was a nice and easy flight. Congrats again you guys!

Home Is Where The Weird Is

It’s been a weird couple of weeks for my various hometowns.

Today, while we were working hard of course, my boss, who also lives in the illustrious Orange County (the one with motorcycles, not real housewives), saw a link about Jon from that awful awful show Jon & Kate Plus 8. He was apparently seen in a nearby town called Newburgh with two ladies. I just thought that was funny. If I can offer Jon one piece of advice, stick it out till they’re 18 and THEN bounce, otherwise that’s a hell of a lot of child support homey.

Also, last week I was listening to NPR on my way to the train station (cause I like to be cultured for no less than 5 minutes a day when I’m not listening to Fall Out Boy CDs) and heard about the super crazy mayor of Toledo Carty Finkbeiner. He apparently asked people to mow the area parks with their own mowers. Hey not so crazy right? Here’s the video.

Not only is it awesome that the much younger dude is walking next to the old man while he mows the lawn, but how does the mayor have time to go out and mow the grass every week? Fix the town! I mean it’s not like the economy has shit the bed, the automotive crisis is having any repercussions or Toledo was voted THE worst medium sized city to try and find a job in! Goddammit! I feel my inner Lewis Black coming out.

Now, if this is your only experience with Finkbeiner I can hear you wondering “Why’d you call him crazy? This isn’t so bad.” Well, my ignorant friend, listen up. In his first term as mayor of Toledo, a city of over 300,000 people, Carty made headlines with two ridiculous statements. First up, he went on record saying that deaf people should all move out near the airport because they can’t hear the planes anyway. Hey, maybe that’s not so bad. Think again. This statement immortalized Toledo in the boardgame Trivial Pursuit. I tried figuring out which card it is to scan for you fine readers, but I couldn’t nail it down. If any fellow Toledoians are reading this and now, please let me.

The other point of national infamy brought on my hometown thanks to Carty stems from an appearance he did on the Daily Show. This was back in the mid 90s when they would routinely search out politicians from podunk towns with crazy ideas. Well, it seems Carty wanted to convince the world that Toledo was the Hollywood of the midwest. Oh how I wish this clip was floating around the internet. Instead, more ridicule. On national television. Thanks Carty.

If these sound like isolated incidents, please click to the 20 or so controversies on his Wikipedia Page which include maybe roughing someone up!

Don’t Worry, I’m Back

Hey Gang, I’m sure some of you were wondering where I disappeared to since my last post on Thursday. Well, I went back home to Toledo for my cousin Bryan’s wedding (to Megan, the latest addition to the Dietsch clan, welcome!). It was a lot of fun seeing family I hadn’t seen for quite awhile and finally being able to tell people I actually work in NYC now (for YEARS, I had to explain that I did not work in the city and did not actually make comic books, oi). After that we spent some time at my parents’ cottage where we saw some of those same family members again and we got visits from some friends from home. It was great seeing everyone and getting the chance to relax sans internet, but I’m back (though my laptop doesn’t seem to have faired so well thanks to the trip, I’m hoping the Mac Geniuses can fix it).

Anyway, I’m back, look for new posts soon (like in 5 minutes).