Quick Movie Review: The International (2009)

Clive Owens is a cool dude. At least he seems so in his movies. I think I first saw him in Sin City, but I do remember hearing about his roll as The Driver in those commercials before that. From there I saw and really enjoyed Shoot Em Up, King Arthur and Children Of Men. I had Derailed from Netflix but it sounded too intense (Jennifer Aniston’s character gets raped), so I sent it back without watching. While flipping through the recently released Instant Watch movies on Netflix, I saw The International on there and immediately added it to the top of my list. I watched it last night and it was alright. Owens is as slick and awesome as he always is. The plot revolves around a big evil bank. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t completely paying attention (which makes this a rather lame movie review). But, I have to blame the movie at least a little bit. I’m sure it was relatively intriguing, but the only parts that dragged me away from the laptop were the action scenes. There’s a big shoot out in the Guggenheim which was really fun. I also had a good time watching him walk around NYC, trying to see if I recognized where he was (I didn’t). I did find it interesting how prevalent Chase was in the background of various scenes of him in the city. Were they cool with being in the “evil bank” movie? I should probably change the title of this to “A Quick Movie Scene Review” but that ain’t happening. Anyone actually sit down and pay attention? Should I give The International another look in the near future?