Oh Sweet Christmas, The New Expendables Trailer is SUPERCRAZYAWESOME!!!

I’ve said I’m excited for The Expendables and I’ve said the first trailer is awesome, but holy crap, this trailer is better than anything I expected. I kind of wish they hadn’t included the Arnold Schwarzenneger (almost spelled it right on the first try this time)/Bruce Willis cameo as I’m guessing that’s the majority of their scenes. If you’re interested in more behind the scenes Expendables info, I highly recommend checking out Ethelmae’s blog if you aren’t already. That poster’s sick too! Oh how I wish Expendables would also get turned into a video game. Anyone read the comic? Is it any good? I might check out the trade if the art’s good and enough people dig it.

The Expendables Trailer Is Awesome

I was pretty bummed out last week when I heard that the trailer for The Expendables had been leaked and taken down in the matter of a night. I’m not sure if this is still a leaked version or if it’s official (let’s hope official), but it looks like this movie will be everything I hoped it would be.