Toy Commercial Tuesday: G.I. Joe Personnel Carrier

I don’t talk too much about vehicles here on Toy Commercial Tuesdays, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t a fan of them growing up. While playsets were definitely the gold standard for me when it came to action figures accessories, vehicles were a lot easier to get back then, especially when it came to the 3 3/4-inch scale of G.I. Joes.

While looking around YouTube for this week’s TCT, I stopped when I saw this ad for the G.I. Joe Personnel Carrier a vehicle that not only let you mow down evil members of Cobra, but also gave you a practical place to store your toys. I don’t remember when I added this truck to my collection, but it definitely helped lead to some epic Joe adventures that took place on the terrain of my parents’ living room floor.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Real Ghostbusters Figures & Vehicles

While watching an episode of Toy Hunter on Travel Channel — a show that has grown on me since it debuted — I saw an old school commercial for Ghostbusters toys that made me slap my forehead. Had I really never done a Ghostbusters commercial for TCT? After a bit of searching I was shocked to find out that was the case. To remedy that, I’m going to do one a week for the rest of December.

The beauty of these toys is just how terrified the Ghostbusters and their pals get while doing their jobs. That would be like my eyes bugging out of my head every time I had a deadline. Actually…that’s not too far off from the truth. Anyway, here you’ve got a Spangler and Venkman facing off against the Full Speed Ahead Ghost which drives them towards Highway Haunter, a Volkswagen Beetle that transformers into an armored praying mantis. Then there’s the airplane ghost.

This commercial was a nice trip down memory lane because I remember that crazy bit of animation at the very beginning of the video that used to run on USA and I actually have the Highway Haunter. I don’t remember how or why I got my hands on it, but it was a ridiculously fun toy. I can only imagine how much fun the toymakers had while coming up with more and more insane action features and kooky ghosts.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Super Powers Super Mobile

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I posted a Super Powers TCT! Hopefully this one featuring the Super Mobile and the Lexor 7 (SP?) will make up for it. Looking back at that older post and then watching this clip remind me of how much I freaking loved toys back in the 80s. I used to have so much fun taking my guys (that’s what I called them) and having all kinds of crazy adventures around my living room, even building my own playsets and using whatever I could find to make things more dangerous for our heroes, just like the kids in this commercial. Do kids do this anymore? If not, they should be taught how to play based solely on Super Powers, Secret Wars, He-Man, G.I. Joe and Transformers commercials.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Beetlejuice Creepy Cruiser

As I mentioned in my post about Tim Burton’s awesomeness, I was a big Beetlejuice fan as a kid and later as an adult. But, back when I was a kid I collected tons of Beetlejuice action figures, including the one in this commercial and his phat ride. I can’t explain to you why this movie struck such a chord with me as a youngin, but it did and I wanted to have everything Beetlejuice. I’m heading home soon and hopefully I can dig up a picture of my childhood Beetlejuice costume. I’ve actually got these toys here in New York, so look for an eventual TJ’s Toy Chest spotlighting my collection. Man, these toys were a lot of fun!