Last Night’s Shows Today: Eureka, Warehouse 13 & Real Housewives Of New York

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these LNST columns. I’m still watching as much TV as ever, but I’m just not writing about it as much. I guess that’s because a lot of things are in reruns, I haven’ caught on to a lot of new shows and I’ve found other bloggers who write about the shows I like far better than I (and for actual money). Last night was a unique experience though as Syfy launched what looks like a pretty solid line-up of sci-fi themed, hour long shows. I only watched two of them, though because I’ve got to get caught up on my Housewives. Yes, I realize how sad that is.

EUREKA (8:00PM, Syfy)The missus and I lucked out and got completely caught up on Eureka‘s current season a few weeks back. Syfy was running a marathon and we tuned in exactly at the place where we left off during the previous marathon. Last night’s episode was the premiere of the second half of this season (yeah, it’s confusing). If you missed out, this whole season has revolved around Jack, Fargo, Allison, Jo and Henry dealing with a trip to the past that changed the present. This particular episode didn’t deal with that too much, instead focusing on Fargo and Zane accidentally launching themselves into space and everyone else trying to get them back safely. It’s a real “anything that can go wrong, will” story that shows off how good the Eureka writing staff is at playing within in their chosen genres. I’m still on the fence whether not getting into the greater mythology was a mistake or note. On one hand, it’s a kind of season opener so it might make sense to go light on the continuity, however, it’s not a season opener but a mid season opener, so why not jump in with both feet? I’ve got high hopes for the rest of this season. I’m guessing the Big Five’s big secret will start leaking out all over the place and am curious to see what the writers do with that.

WAREHOUSE 13 (9:00PM, Syfy)I didn’t write about it on the blog, but the last season finale for Warehouse 13 was pretty epic. While each episode that season had a solid monster of the week-type set up with Pete, Myka, Artie, Leena and Claudia tracking down artifacts that cause all kinds of havoc while also building on an overarching story. Things got pretty crazy at the end of the season with the world at risk and Myka quitting the Warehouse. The missus caught me up on that because I forgot most of it, so I was pumped for the premiere. And it turned out pretty good. I can’t really explain the episode because I missed a few of the details regarding the specific artifact, but people were getting killed and the Warehouse 13 crew–including new member and walking lie-detector Aaron Ashmore from Veronica Mars!–figuring it out. Of course, they run into Myka in her new day job and she SPOILER winds up rejoining the team with Ashmore staying on as well.

I did have one geeky problem with the episode though. The beginning is kind of ridiculous. Ashmore gets introduced as a New Jersey fed trying to figure out why a rock and roll museum is shooting lightning all over the place. Turns out Jimi Hendrix’s guitar is inside and causing the commotion. Claudia has to screw in his tremolo and whammy the guitar so it stops. My problems were two fold. First off, this whole scene just had a generally silly tone to it. The museum looked like a few pieces of clothes and a rack of guitars placed in an office building’s hallway. The dialog also got a little too inside baseball with Claudia geeking out when fire and lightning is literally inches away from killing her. Even worse than that, though, was the fact that Claudia picked up a normal right handed guitar to play. The problem with that is that, while Hendrix did play a right handed guitar, he flipped it over, switched a few parts and actually played it left handed. So, when she puts the guitar–which is not encased in anything by the way–over her shoulder, it’s normally right handed. If you’re going to throw around years and tremolos, you damn well better get all the details right. Just saying.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK (10:00PM, Bravo, rerun)Because the missus and I were out of town from Thursday evening until yesterday afternoon, we missed a lot of our regular shows, including Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey. As such, when I saw that these reruns were starting at 10, I passed up on Alphas, but will probably catch up on it at some point this weekend. Quick funny story, I was in the living room watching RHONY while my wife was in the bedroom feeding the baby and watching Alphas. She was disappointed when she came out and I was watching Bravo.

Anyway, I’ve become enthralled with Brian Moylan‘s Housewives posts on Gawker, but figured I’d toss out a few observations of my own (I haven’t read his post(s?) on the most recent episodes. Anyway, the juxtaposition of Ramona dragging her daughter Avery to a burlesque store (which is really a sex store, right?) played up against Jill’s daughter Allie explaining to her that she’s taking a sex class (a pretty popular class at every college, if I remember correctly) and wants to be a sex columnist for a magazine (snicker, good luck with that honey) was amazing. This episode should have probably been called “Ramona’s a bad mother” because after emotionally traumatizing Avery at a sex store, she then meets up with her for lunch and asks if she can make some calls while they eat. Avery explicitly tells her mother that she misses her and wants to spend more time with her parents and Ramona completely brushes her off, later saying that Avery is constantly calling her and her husband to find out where they are and looking annoyed while doing it.

There’s some other junk with mothers and daughters, including LuAnn–who’s become the most insufferable of the ladies by far–teaching her too-hop daughter to drive out in the Hamptons. It must have been a fluke when both of them were in the same county at the same time, so they made the best out of it. There’s also a bit where the Countess’ producer–who happens to look exactly like Tintin–plays her new song for her. It’s awful as you might expect. I hope that guy never works for legit people ever/again.

The rest of the episode revolves around Sonja’s burlesque party (which is why Ramona was in a burlesque store earlier). Most of the attendees didn’t seem to know what burlesque really was as it looked like a messy mash-up of Victorian, steampunk, circus master (Mario) and vintage Clockwork Orange thanks to Kelly. I am absolutely a one hundred percent heterosexual male, yet anytime Sonja smushes her lady bits into a supposedly sexy and far too revealing outfit and starts prancing around, I get a little sick in my stomach. She does not got it, she should not flaunt it, she just looks like a sad old lady looking, nay BEGGING for attention.

Seaon Premieres: Real World Cancun, Warehouse 13

Seems like it was just yesterday I was posting about all the season finales I was watching, but here we are, in the summer and there’s actually a good deal of new shows Em and I have been checking out. So, yeah, I’m watching more than just Wipeout (the couples episode of which was on last night and was, of course, awesome).

So, in a strange twist of fate I never did a Gauntlet 2 season finale post so I’ll talk about it briefly. I liked the season as a whole, but I was disappointed in the the nearly zero gauntlet upsets. Every time someone called the big dog into the gauntlet, they lost and went home. Yawn. It still had the requisite amount of drama and familiar faces (as did the reunion episode).

Speaking of drama and reality show challenges, there’s a new season of Real World which started about three weeks ago. As many have noted, it seems like MTV tried to genetically engineer this season to be more bombastic, unlike the previous season which, on the surface, also seemed engineered for craziness. This year our 8 Real Worlders are staying in a hotel resort in Cancun. They even have a job, making sure kids on spring break don’t get too messed up. If they screw up they get sent home. Should make for good TV.

On the good TV front, in the very first episode two of the housemates meet non-RW girls at a club. One dude is with a younger girl and the other dude is completely making out with this older woman (definitely not a cougar or MILF). Eventually the younger girl turns to the guy she’s making out with and tells her that the older woman is her mom. Awesome.

I’m not completely sure if I like the cast or not. As usual I’m having trouble telling the girls apart and I’m still learning everyone’s names, but it’s weird watching these kids who are all younger than me (for years I wanted to be on the show, still do really). But weirder still is how clickey they are and how often those clicks change. One minute they all love each other, then it’s boys vs. girls and then everyone vs. one girl. It’s very high school, but I guess that’s what you get.

The funniest part for me, though, is how these seasons start to repeat themselves. You’ve got the girl with a boyfriend who claims they’ll be together forever, though the dude who knows here that’s also on the show says she was a huge slut before she met him (a nice little wrinkle), you’ve got the girl who doesn’t “deal” with “rudeness” or whatever, the dudes who are very clearly only looking to get laid, etc. As usual, you can catch up on all the episodes so far on MTV’s Real World site.

Another show we watched actually premiered this week on, ugh, SyFy called Warehouse 13. It’s your basic “agents relocated after experiencing supernatural” kind of story. You’ve got two secret service agents who get recruited to work at a giant place called Warehouse 13 that houses all the weird sci-fi type stuff the government doesn’t want us to know about (or is too dangerous for us to know about). It’s a combination of CreatureTech (look for a review of the graphic novel by the guy who created Earthworm Jim soon), B.P.R.D. and Fringe but with a more lighthearted feel (though, of course, everyone has their dark secrets).

The pilot was way too long at two hours and really REALLY dragged, but I think the show has potential and we’ll probably keep checking it out as long as it’s not opposite something else we like. I can get past the slightly tired plots (so far reminiscent of Buffy et al) because I like the characters for the most part and, I’ll admit it, there’s only so many reality shows I can watch in a season, though I do miss The Real Housewives of New Jersey (shame). You can watch the whole thing on Hulu or right here if you’d like:

Oh, speaking of Bravo shows, I watched about 6 minutes of that NYC Prep show and wanted to blow up that part of the city just to get rid of those awful, awful wastes of space. Yuck. I spent an hour afterwards playing F.E.A.R. 2 to diminish my criminal impulses.