Sometimes I Feel Like A Vampire

No, I don’t mean that in a “I’m a monster” sort of way, but more in the sense that I have trouble going to bed before 1AM anymore. Take tonight for example, the missus asked me to go to bed when she did. That happened to be at 10PM because she finished watching Warehouse 13 and we don’t watching anything at 10 on Tuesdays. I tend to finish adding pictures and now edit live blogs on Mondays (Real Housewives), Wednesdays (Real World) and Thursdays (Jersey Shore) so it’s a good night to be a good husband and read a book while she falls asleep. I was even feeling a little tired after playing Bubble Bobble on the Wii for over an hour and almost making it to the 80th level (more on that in a forthcoming post). So I sat there and read War Of The Worlds for an hour–a book I find myself struggling to finish even though it’s very short thanks to overly dense and informative paragraphs–she turned her light off and fell asleep pretty quickly. But not me. At around 11:15PM I turned my reading light off, rolled over and tried to fall asleep, but nope, not happening.

I shouldn’t be surprised really, I’ve always been a night owl. When I was a kid I would challenge myself to stay up with my dad on Saturdays to watch all of SNL, a feat I managed a few times, often while Dad fell asleep. I’d go to sleepovers and almost always be the last person to fall asleep. Luckily for my friends I’ve never been much of a prankster, so they didn’t wind up with hands in bowls of water or Sharpie-drawn additions to their faces. Instead, I’d just lay there wondering how 10 minutes ago we were all prank calling the 1-800 numbers we saw on USA at 2AM and now everyone was asleep.

See, one of the things that does help me fall asleep is having a good buzz going, but I’m trying to drink less because 1) it’s just healthier and 2) my fatness is starting to bother me, not enough to get on a regular work out routine, mind you, but I’m at least THINKING about it. That counts right? When I was a kid and had trouble falling asleep my dad introduced me to Old Time Radio shows like Jack Benny, Abbott and Costello and Amos and Andy. He had some tapes that he taped off the radio and some he copied from my grandma, but I would eventually go on to amass a pretty good collection of my own. Once I got to college I stopped listening to them at night because I didn’t think my new roommates would want to listen to Kenny Baker’s sweet soprano voice or Phil Harris’ orchestra as much as me. Luckily trying to adapt to a brand new life was pretty tiring so I didn’t have much trouble and the great thing about college is that you can always find someone else who’s awake. I still listen to the radio shows occasionally sometimes even at night on my iPod, but I’ve got a fear of waking up strangled by my own headphones which makes me paranoid and less likely to fall asleep. So, I just stay awake until I get really tired. The freelance life has definitely spoiled me in that regard because I basically set my own schedule and sleeping from 1 or 2AM until 10AM doesn’t seem to matter too much. Were I still working in the city, I’d be exhausted by 11PM and it wouldn’t be a problem. Not that it’s really a problem now, just something I thought I’d ramble on about for a little while to see if anyone else is in the same boat.

It’s almost like my body realizes it could be awake and it’s not really that tired so my heart starts beating faster and my mind starts racing and I couldn’t fall asleep if you gave me a whole bottle of melatonin (I just took one and it didn’t seem to do anything). I should probably harness this extra energy and continue writing the horror screenplay I’ve been working on for the past few weeks or try and figure out how to edit video for the podcast I want to get off the ground, but instead I’ll probably just watch some episodes of the Dresden Files on Netflix and drink some water. What helps you guys fall asleep?