ToyFare #132 OUT NOW!

4:35:41 pm

Hey Schoolers, I’m a complete goober for not mentioning this last week, but ToyFare #132 is now available in stores. For fans of old school stuff, definitely check out the our Retro Robo Force feature that covers all aspects of those suction cupped robots. There’s also a look back at all of the previous Batman movies and their toys to go along with our rad DC Direct Deluxe Dark Knight Joker figure. Creepy right? We’ve also got the usual Incoming section bringing all of the coolest toys for the next few months, a Futurama feature with original art from some of people who work on the show, an interview with Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman from the Animated Series and Gotham Knight. Also, Bot Con! The conclusion of the Spidey-as-Nova TTT! A huge Hellboy Visual Price Guide! And, of course, all the word balloons you can handle.

My personal favorite balloon involves a pimp cane!

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