Halloween Scene: Posters!

4:02:25 am

I am not a good artist. That has to be said right off the bat. It’s something that I’ve known for a long time, relegating my artwork mostly to the margins of my note books throughout school. But recently, I’ve rediscovered how much fun it can be to just draw something. Maybe I’ll even post my “100 Ways To Kill The Hulk” strips I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. I’ve got five int he bank.

Anyway, I’ve been talking to a lot of my buddies lately about drawing and decided to just keep up with it and have some fun. Why not? So, in the spirit of fun and Halloween, I decided to take a crack at interpreting the posts of the scary movies I’ve been watching over the past week. Hopefully I’ll keep up with this practice because, like I said, it’s fun.

Below you’ll find the original followed by my drawing and some commentary. Click for a larger view.

All four drawings on the page. I forgot to set the flash, but I liked the orange tint this picture ended up with. Very Halloweeny.


What really struck me about this poster that I hadn’t really noticed before is how the pumpkin mimicks the hand holding the knife. I’m not so good with hands and even worse with fingers, but this one was pretty fun. Not a bad way to start off.


This one’s my favorite of the group, which is funny because it’s the movie I understood the least (though drinking during it probably wasn’t a great idea, nor was blogging at the time). I like this one because there’s lots of different elements going on, from the house to the spirial to the different heads to the hair.


Hmm. Not the easiest poster to draw, especially with my negative amount of knowledge when it comes to anatomy or bone structure. Again, drawing this poster made me appreciate it even more. The skull in the pumpkin motif is really cool and they even get the details down to the teeth and the eye sockets, both of which I had trouble drawing.


I like how the neck and mouth turned out on this Ruins poster, but I wasn’t able to really portray the vines and plants covering everything. I also wish I hadn’t messed with the background behind her head, but what can you do?

Hopefully I’ll get to Serial Mom (though I also might skip that one, not sure yet), Freaks which I watched tonight and Halloween 3: Season of the Witch which I’m watching as I type.

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