Mini Monsters: Ghoulies 1 and 2

Hey gang, hope everyone had a good Easter and/or Passover. I spent my weekend in New England with the wife’s family which kept me from keeping you all abreast (heehee) of my search for the mini monster movie I remember from my childhood. Well, it wasn’t the Troll flicks and, unfortunately it wasn’t the first two Ghoulie movies either. But, like with Troll, I had a pretty good time watching them anyway.

I really didn’t pay much attention to the first Ghoulies (1985) which has a dude inheriting a house from his crazy Druidic family (or something, we get a flashback in the first few minutes that supposedly explains everything). The house comes with these little monsters who start terrorizing his party guests, one of which is Mariska Hargitay for you Law and Order fans. Like I said, Ghoulies was pretty much on as background noise while I didn’t something else, so once I realized it wasn’t the movie I was thinking of, I kind of zoned out.


I did watch Ghoulies II (1987). In fact, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it (unlike some other older movies, it actually looked really good on my HDTV upconverted from a regular ol’ DVD). This sequel finds the Ghoulies terrorizing a traveling circus. Unlike 1, I actually made notes for the second Ghoulies offering and here they are for your reading pleasure.

– i dig the monsters (rat, cat, crocodile, creature from the lagoon, bat/bird)

-the cat ghoulie looks awesome, did it do what i think it did to that girl?

Sasha Jenson’s in this! (Buffy, Dazed, H4)

-“He don’t go nowhere without his TUNES!”

-The kid has a ninja star!

-there’s another HOUR? [it felt like I’d been watching this movie for a while at this point, after which it actually picked up]

-haha, the Ghoulies spray adhesive Gak

-they stab the dude and then wrapped him up like a mummy without taking the knife out? hmm [it looked like they took the knife out, wrapped the guy and then stabbed him again]

-rat ghoulie high five!

-I forgot that Phil Fondacaro was in Troll too (dude can emote) [seriously, Phil is the best actor in the bunch, which is a bigger compliment that it might sound]

-Ha, he pulls the hanky out of the old man’s hand to cover his face after dying

-this movie looks really good upconverted on the HD tv

-oh man, the circus folk are gonne kick the ghoulies’ asses! (kid, firebreather, strongman, turbin guy with a gun) [they form a team! but it doesn’t last long]

-haha, the dude won’t stop selling tickets [while people are getting murdered inside one of the attractions]

-the people LOVE seeing these jerks tortured [in theory they think it’s all part of the act, but not a single person in the fairly large crowd looks upset or ill-at-ease with watching a person get tortured by tiny monsters]

-even the stop motion looks pretty good

-cat vs rat ghoulie in the shooting game is awesome [once the Ghoulies leave their home attraction for most of the movie, the filmmakers really have fun with the setting]

-ghoulie in the water – nice touch, i think the green one is my favorite

-bumper car and ride tampering scenes are awesome

-the business owner guy looks SO familiar, but I haven’t seen any of his other projects, unless I remember VIPER better than i thought I did

TOILET SCENE!!!!!! – yowch!

-why don’t they just turn the ride back on to get the book down? Oh well it gives the pretty girl something to do [the flying Ghoulie drops the book they need high up in a ride seat]

-woah, that’s a big mini monster

Well, if those random thoughts didn’t convince you to check the movie out, I don’t know what will, except for this: go see Ghoulies II, it’ll be worth your hour and a half. Plus, 1 and 2 are on the same DVD, so you get more bang for your buck.

Anyone else seen Ghoulies 1, 2, Goes to College or 4? Or do you have any suggestions for what my mystery movie is. It has a small monster terrorizing a family in a house and there’s a ball bouncing down the stairs scene. That’s all I got.

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