Diggnation Celebrates 200th Episode

I can’t exactly remember how or why I got into podcasts, but I do know that Diggnation, starring Digg.com founder Kevin Rose and star of just about every podcast on the net Alex Albrecht, was one of the very first I checked out.

For those of you who I haven’t convinced to watch it yet, Diggnation is a video podcast that goes through some of the top stories on Digg. Kevin and Alex read the stories from their laptops, usually on a couch in one of their places, but sometimes at a live event, and drink some beers.

Sure the topics are interesting, but what keeps me coming back week after week is really Kevin and Alex themselves. They seem like the kinds of guys you could really hang out with and just bullshit all day long. It’s also fun to see a couple of guys who are only a couple years older than me really making this internet thing work for them. Plus I, of course, like that they’re able to drink while working, which is really living the dream.

Anyway, all of this is a way of saying congrats to two guys who will probably never see this site for four years of solid entertainment. If the show sounds ever remotely interesting based on my shaky-at-best description or if you trust my opinion for any reason, check out the brand new 200th episode which looks back over the past 199 episodes and also offers up some new stories. Enjoy!

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