I’m Sure SDCC Was Fun, But It’s No Orange County Fair

Hey, I’m as excited as everyone else about Marvel’s Marvelman announcement (it’ll take a while to get used to saying that instead of Miracle Man), but we couldn’t all be there. In fact, some of us had the chance to head on over to the Orange County Fair. Yup, that’s a country fair y’all.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to one, but I was not disappointed. There were the requisite carnival games with barkers who weren’t all too enthusiastic, all kinds of awesomely bad-for-you food, classic (probably old) rides and livestock, but we were also treated to a tiny circus and a pig race.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so, please, enjoy the following slideshows of the greatest show on earth (that day…in Middletown, NY).

I know what you came to see, so let’s start with the pig races. The contestants had some pretty impressive names like Lindsay Loham and Brad PIg, this was the Hollywood Pig Race afterall:

The show wasn’t all pig races though, I actually really liked checking out the look of the rides. They had a classic feel to them, one that I wasn’t used to going to my school’s festival every year. You can imagine your parents riding these same rides back when they were kids and while that doesn’t lend any positive thoughts towards their safety, it does seem kinda cool.

Like I mentioned, there were also a ton of animals, both exotic (giraffes) and mundane (lots and lots of cows). Our personal favorite thing in regards to the animals though was this sign, it’s just too good to potentially lose in the slideshow:


It reads: WARNING Please DO NOT Feed Animals From Your Mouth WARNING. I love that that’s a problem that needs addressing. Anyway, here’s the rest of the animal pics:

And then there’s the circus. Now, I’ve been to the Ringling Bros. Circus before (I was little, but I got to ride an elephant and that was cool), so there was something a little sad about seeing these people who seem really talented, doing their thing for 20-30 people sweating it out on some bleachers. But, I guess that’s what circus folks have been doing for years, right? This group also ran then exotic animal section and the pig race, so you might recognize some people. Also, please note during the motorcycle stunt at the end that the blonde woman came out, did a little dance thing and then pointed at the cage. The first rider to come out had some kind of problem with his bike, but the blonde woman didn’t flinch. So, not only is she tough, but she’s a pro. Also, she got in a cage with motorcycles, so she’s probably a little crazy.

Oh, also the circus had a really annoying clown who had this routine that went on about 5 minutes too long and there was a portion where some camels ran around in a circle and then a horse did the same. I didn’t take any pictures of the clown because I wanted to hit him and only a few of the animals because, well, they were boring.

And finally, the most important part of any good county fair is the food. Between the two of us we had corn dogs, fried pickles, soda, fried Oreos, a fried Snickers bar, lemonade and beer. I only thought to take a picture of the Oreos and the old Pepsi machine they had.


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