Casting Internets

I gathered most of these links last Friday, but got a bit lazy and haven’t posted them till today. They’re still worth a look, I think.

This one’s from today and it’s about Tarantino’s movie universes. Apparently there’s some linkage between Inglorious Basterds and the Tarantino-written True Romance. Very cool. And as I’ve said before (when I’ve incorrectly guessed the release date of the movie at least twice) I can’t wait for this movie. (via /Film)

Please, please do yourself a favor and check out the best and worst nerdy pick-up lines the female readers of Topless Robot have heard
. They’re amazingly hilarious and sometimes even sweet.

A week or two back, BC at Horror Movie A Day reviewed Sea Beast, which I watched and had nearly identical thoughts on. Instead of posting a similar review, I figured I’d just link to his.

Ben Morse has posted all of his ridiculously awesome Nova sketchbook here, here and here. Everyone’s talking about how cool the Jim Lee one, which is totally true, but I think Ethan Van Sciver’s (below) is my favorite.

According to DC’s The Source blog, John Carpenter wrote the intro to Steve Niles and Kelley Jones’ Gotham After Midnight trade. I talked about this crazy awesome horror comics here, but lost track of the rest of the issues and can’t wait to read it in trade.

I never knew what it was called, but I’ve always loved the “cut/slide” moment in a movie (usually horror). It’s the part where after someone gets sliced in some manner, their diced body part slowly slides down the line of the cut. Thanks to /Film for explaining and drawing my attention to this highly violent video.

Wired posted this awesome picture of an early concept model of the Apollo lander. I love this kind of stuff. I wonder if these dudes were heavily into sci-fi.

Here’s another one from’s science pages, a group of Canadian mathematicians developed an equation for dealing with a zombie outbreak. As someone who has figured out the best place to hole up given several locations in my daily life (the Palisades Mall is number 1 if you can get it fortified, it even has an ice rink!), I can definitely appreciate these guys trying and succeeding to get credit for such geekery.

Finally, check out the “10 Horrible Paintings from Atari 2600 Game Box Art” list over at Topless Robot, as always, it’s a hoot.

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