Casting Internets

Again, thanks for all the kind words on the internets I’ve been hearing and reading online. In addition to the ones I mentioned the other day,Josh Wigler created the above glorious piece of original art featuring Jim Gibbons and myself. Kiel also gave us a shout out on Linko XXI over at the Cool Kids Table.

Speaking of Mr. Gibbons, his interpretation of “The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music” perfectly encapsulates what I wished that movie was actually about when I had to watch it over and over and over as a kid.

In other news, Curt over at Groovy Age of Horror finally saw the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’m glad he liked it and completely agree with his assessment at the end that it really does depend on when you see a movie like this in your horror movie watching career. The sooner really is the better.

Chris Ward worked his magic on this awesome Dungeons and Dragons ad (pun not intended, but also not deleted):


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