Casting Internets

Hey gang, things have been a bit slow around here today because I’m working on some freelance and a longer Halloween Scene based on Simon Oliver’s Exterminators, so look for that before midnight. In the meantime, I found some fun links today.

My buddy Jim McCann has a new comic coming out called The Return Of The Dapper Men with artist Janet Lee from Archaia. If you’re friends with Jim on Facebook this is old news as he’s been posting the crap out of it lately 🙂 (via CBR)

In other comics news, James Robinson will be returning to Starman with Starman #81, part of a skip week event that ties into Blackest Night and resurrects canceled books. According to this story on CBR, Robinson says Jack Knight won’t be in it, but look for the supporting characters both dead and alive to make appearances. Here’s hoping they can get Tony Harris or Peter Snejbjerg to work on the art.

And finally, in science news that may become apocryphal, there’s a theory that the Large Hadron Collider is having so many problems because the future is trying to stop scientists from looking at one of the fundamental particles of existence because we’re not supposed to see it. Crazy right? And you thought mini black holes were the only potential problems with this thing. (via io9)

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