Halloween Scene: Terror Train (1980)

I’m back from Ben and Megan’s wedding and it was great all around. Congrats to them! But, back to the Halloween Scene business. Before leaving for the wedding on Friday, Rickey came up Thursday night and we watched Terror Train. We also had several beers between us and, as usually happens, we got to talking quite a bit during the movie. I didn’t mind too much, because the plot to Terror Train didn’t seem all that complex (unless I missed something huge, which is very possible). Also, it’s not one of those horror movies that I’ve heard about for years and haven’t seen. I think I first heard about it was while reading one of the reviews over on Horror Movie A Day. If that makes me a bad horror fan, so be it.

The basic plot is actually very similar to that of Slaughter High with the picked-on kid coming back to have his vengeance on the people who pranked him (and others, by the looks of it). This time it’s college kids and the revenge takes place during a costume party on a train which adds some claustrophobia to the story. We also get the killer wearing several different masks, starting with the one in the poster above and and making his way through those who picked on him.

I won’t be going into the plot and details too too much, partly because I don’t remember a lot of them and also because I’m trying to keep these short and sweet, but I liked the movie enough (for a great summation, check out Final Girl Stacie Ponder‘s TT post. I wasn’t overwhelmed by it’s awesomeness and I’ve discovered that Jamie Lee Curtis is not an actress I particularly like. She’s fantastic in Halloween and Halloween II, but in this she just got on my nerves. That scared mousy routine works when you’re supposed to be a high school student, but it’s tired on a college senior.

Also, Rickey and I had an argument when the magician popped up on screen. He was like “That’s David Copperfield.” And I was all “No way.” Of course, I was wrong and he was right. That got me talking about the time I saw him when I was a kid. Dude got sawed in half with a giant buzz saw and then jumped. When he jumped his top half went higher than his bottom half. Swear to God. Convos like this probably lead to why I don’t remember much.

Actually, after reading Stacie’s post I was reminded of how dumb the end was. After the reveal, we get a replay of the incident that made our nerdy weirdo go crazy in the beginning. Really? I get that he’s crazy, but does he do twirlies every time he kisses a girl? Bleh. It just came off as kinda cheesy to me. Next up? Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer, Jack Frost and Funhouse. Plus, the epic Weekend At Bernie’s franchise. Get excited!

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