Season Finale: Mad Men

After a season that left me a bit cold, the third season’s finale was a lot of fun. My problem with the season as a whole was that it seemed like every single character became unlikable for various reasons. Also, while Don continued to fall (dive?) off the fidelity wagon and become fairly unlikable, the secondary characters fell to the wayside. It was a bummer. So this whole last-minute, “let’s get out and start our own company in a weekend” storyline not only added a good bit of urgency to the story, but also that question of who will and who won’t join the new team? Plus, them ransacking the office was awesome and fairly unexpected.

By the end of the episode we’ve got the new group consisting of Don, Roger, Cooper, Peggy, Harry, Pete, Lane Pryce (the British guy) and Joan on the new team. Pete’s wife is also around and I find that I’m enjoying her character a lot more both because she’s more interesting AND because I like her on Community. We shall see how things go with the other characters like Kenny, Paul and the hippies. I’d also like to see them get Sal back, but the cigarette dude that they poached still has beef.

On the subject of Betty leaving Don, it’s about friggin’ time. And I don’t mean that in the sense of “she deserves better,” I mean it in the sense of “please go away forever.” She has been bothering me for most of the second and all of the third seasons and I hope Henry Francis dumps her (jeez, why am I so worked up?). I will say that it must have been pretty terrifying have a drunk and pissed Don waking you up in the middle of the night asking about the man you’re cheating on him with.

So, I can say with certainty that this season finale not only left me feeling rejuvenated by a show I was losing interest in, but it also got me really excited to see how things happen next season, which apparently starts this summer. Can’t wait!

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