News Of The Day: New She & Him Record March 23rd

Not every day will have enough links to fill a Casting Internets post, so I figured I’d dust off News Of The Day as a regular post. Today’s News Of The Day news is that She & Him will be releasing their second album Volume 2 on March 23rd (thanks to THR for the info). She & Him is a folksy duo made up of my super crush actress Zooey Deschanel and singer guy M. Ward. Their first record came out a couple years back and I really dug it, but I had fallen for Deschanel’s voice years earlier when she was in Elf and sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” She & Him’s Volume 1 has a bare bones feel to it that really accentuates Deschanel’s vocals. The results are mixed in my mind. If some of these songs were sung the exact same way by a singer I didn’t already like, I’m not sure if I would like them, but since it’s her, I’m in.

Here’s the track list for the new record. Most of the songs are originals written by Deschanel with the covers noted.

“In the Sun”
“Don’t Look Back”
“Ridin’ In My Car” originally by NRBQ
“Lingering Still”
“Me and You”
“Gonna Get Along With You” originally by Skeeter Davis
“I’m Gonna Make It Better”
“Over It Over Again”
“Brand New Shoes”
“If You Can’t Sleep”

I’m not familiar with either of the covers, but, like I said, I’m excited for the album.

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