Christmas Stories: Giant Popper

Last year, Em and I had Christmas at our house for the very first time. We had her parents and mine and everything went really well. In an attempt to start a new tradition, Em and I picked up a pack of Christmas poppers (or crackers if you’re from England and read the Harry Potter books) at Marshalls. For those of you who might not know, you grab both ends and pull. There’s usually about 10 inches long and have little toys and paper hats inside. This year, while looking for this year’s batch of poppers for this year, Em and I found the above (and below) gigantic popper. I tried taking the above picture with just the little Bumblebee Mighty Mugg for scale, but Milo decided he wanted in on the photoshoot, which works even better for scale (he’s a BIG cat). It’s just over 29-inches long and we’ll be saving this one for New Year’s Eve (don’t worry, we’ve still got the smaller ones for Christmas). I can’t freaking wait, it supposedly serves six people! I’ll try and take some video on either my phone or the Flip I asked for for Christmas and get it to you guys when I’m no longer hung over.

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