Christmas Stories: Guitar Tree

There’s a great town in Michigan called Frankenmuth. The main strip of the town is set up like a Bavarian village, so you’ve got a lot of German-style stores with little nick knacks, cheese hauses and rival chicken restaurants right across the street from each other. There’s also a gigantic Christmas store on the outskirts of town called Bronners. It feels as big as two Wal-Marts. You can get all kinds of decorations, ornaments and pretty much anything you can imagine related to the holidays there. I used to go with my parents because the company my dad worked for a while back had their headquarters nearby. After that we’d go back year after year. Em’s even gone a few times. After we got married, my parents treated us to a bunch of decorations there, including some you’ll be seeing in the coming days on this blog. Anyway, this is all a long-winded way to tell you guys that we saw this awesome guitar-shaped, Elvis-themed Christmas tree there that I kind of wanted to get even though I in no way support fake trees and am not that big of an Elvis fan. But just look at this cool tree, it’s even got machineheads and strings made of lights. Awesome!Here’s a few close-ups of the ornaments on the tree and there n the bottom:

Pretty awesome, right?

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