Beer Review: Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale

Hey folks, sorry for the relative lack of posting today. Aside from just having a lazy day with the missus, I haven’t really done much in the way of watching or reading anything, so I don’t have a lot to write about. As you can also see in the picture here, I’ve been working on my very first custom action figure (I’ll give you a hint, I started with a JLU Batman and am just doing a simple repaint). I’m not super happy with how things have started turning out as I’m struggling to put this thing back together, so I figured I’d have a beer and what a lovely beer it is. In addition to being a great time for family and friends to come togehter, Christmas also gives you a change to sample some beers you may not have tried before. In this case, my dad brought a case of the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale after stopping in Cleveland to see my Grandma on their way here from Toledo. I had never hear of it or the brewing company (which you can check out here), but really enjoyed this Cleveland-based beer. It’s not really fruity, but does have a bit of a sweetness to it thanks to the added cinnamon, ginger, honey and “yuletide cheer.” Knowing my dad is not a fan of sweet beers, I figured this might be more of a bitter IPA, but I was surprised that it was a bit in the middle of the road with some bitterness, but also a nice but of flavor to cut things. It’s got a nice amber color and pours with a nice head. I’ve had it in both the bottle and in a glass and like them both. I’m not sure how easily you can get Great Lakes Christmas Ale because A) Christmas is over and B) I have no idea how far-reaching their distribution is. If you do happen to come across some (and it’s not, say next July), I’d recommend giving it a shot, especially if you like a little sweetness to your ales.

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