Rocky From Tough Love’s Reality Show History!

I’m sure I mentioned that the second season of Tough Love is on my regular viewing rotation. The show features women who have trouble getting men and the host helps them. One of the women on the show is this rocker chick who claims to be a stuntwoman named Rocky. She looked familiar to me, but couldn’t place her and didn’t do any looking because, hell, even I don’t care that much. It wasn’t until I saw a list of VH1 reality show fights yesterday that I realized where she was from: The Lusty Busty Babe-a-que. Just kidding, I haven’t seen that…yet. She was also on VH1’s I Know My Kid’s A Star, which followed stage moms and their kids. I love when people hop from reality show to reality show, especially when it’s somewhat random like this. There was that one girl from Beauty & The Geek who went on to be on Rock of Love. Anway, Rocky was what the missus calls a hot mess on that whole series.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

All this got me looking around on the internet and boy did I find some interesting stuff. Rocky also goes by Rocky Brasselle, Raquel DeMarco and her actual name Melissa Brasselle. She’s kind of an actress and stuntwoman with a string of movies even I’ve never heard like Demolition High and Raptor. The rest are listed on her IMDb page. She’s appeared topless in the February 1989 issue of Playboy and in the aforementioned soft core porn movie The Lusty Busty Babe-a-que (the title makes me laugh every time).

Rocky’s been fairly normal on Tough Love. She’s gotten in her fair share of fights, but who doesn’t on these kinds of things? She seems to have gotten over her spacey-ness. Well, that’s what I thought until I went over to her YouTube channel dubbed RockyRocknRoll and saw this video where she’s trying to talk about current events, all of which have to do with parents losing their children. Not only does she seem wasted, but her daughter keeps messing with the screen making different frames or graphic elements show up which completely blow Rocky’s mind.

There’s also this NSFW song she wrote about some lady she claims is jealous. Fans of Tough Love will recognize the biting spirit of her music, though this song doesn’t involve a strap-on.

And to think, a nice woman like that hasn’t found a mate. What hope do the rest of us have.

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