Harvey Pekar On No Reservations

The missus staid home from work today because she’s got the cold I had over the weekend. I went out to grab lunch for us and by the time I got back she was telling me that Harvey Pekar was on an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations which was filming in Cleveland. Did people know about this? I didn’t, but it sure is cool and not just because of Pekar’s involvement. Bourdain hangs out with Pekar in various Cleveland landmarks and then they go get some food, but there are animated panels with Pekar doing voiceover presumably to comics he wrote in coordination with the show. Far as I can tell the art is by Gary Dumm, longtime Pekar collaborator. It’s pretty cool. Pekar’s not in the whole episode, but the art is, which is pretty cool. I also liked this episode because my Grandma lives in Cleveland and my Mom lived there before moving to Toledo, so it’s cool to see some stuff I’m sort of familiar with. I’m still embarassed to say I haven’t been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which Bourdain visits with Marky Ramone of, duh, the Ramones. Here are clips of the episode. The second and third have Pekar, Marky Ramone pops up later in the third video as well.

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