MoCCA Was…Interesting

I’ll have a full report about MoCCA, including the things the missus and I picked up (not a lot, but good stuff for the most part), but here are two pictures. One of which had us asking “If you can travel through time, how do you get a parking warning?” The other being “Why didn’t the ComiCONN folks reprint their fliers even though they corrected things on their site?”Jesus, talk about poor taste. Just eat the cost and pay to reprint the fliers guys.

4 thoughts on “MoCCA Was…Interesting

  1. From what I read and heard, the flyer was a mishap and has already been cleared up. Just check out their Facebook page and show website. The show does look like it is going to be fun.

    1. Clearly it was a mistake, but it was in very poor taste not to eat the cost and reprint new fliers with the memorial information instead of saying that a dead man will be present.

  2. The flyer mistake is a “mistake”, who cares. Plus if you check out their website, the show is dedicated to Dick Giordano and his son will be part of a creator panel. I am glad a new show is coming to CT!

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