News Of The Day: You Can STILL Buy New DeLoreans?!

This morning before heading to the coffee shop to bang out what turned out to be a surprisingly efficient round of freelance work, I turned the TV on and watched a show I’ve never checked out before: Modern Marvels. Usually this show focuses on technology and industry which I’m not really interested in, but today’s was about 80s technology. It talked about things like the Rubicks cube, Atari and Beta Max (we had that when I was a kid), but the most interesting thing I learned from the episode is that you can still buy new-ish DeLoreans. See, when the original company shut down, another company bought all their parts and stock and will put them together now for the tune of $57,500. I know that’s a lot of money, but hot damn, it’s the Back To The Future car!  Here’s the video from Modern Marvels:

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