Commercial Commentary: “Wow That Is A Low Price” Staples

I know I mentioned an earlier version of this commercial when I was trying to figure out the name of the guy who was in it, the Dave & Busters and Yellow Book commercials, but I’ve got to say it’s an increasingly annoying campaign. Anytime your recurring character shouts throughout the ad and annoys the shit out of people, I’ve got to chalk that up to a failure. What makes it all the worse is that the guy with curly hair who looks kind of like Paul Giamatti used to be on TV. And I don’t mean commercials. The dude’s name is Joey Slotnick and I remember him being on a short-lived sitcom called The Single Guy that also featured Jonathan Silverman, Ming-Na and Ernest Borgnine. He also had fairly regular roles on Boston Public (a show I never watched but hear was good) and Alias (though I honestly don’t remember him and I just watched that whole show in the last year). I guess you gotta pay the bills somehow, I just wish it wasn’t by annoying me on a nearly daily basis.

4 thoughts on “Commercial Commentary: “Wow That Is A Low Price” Staples

  1. Wow, I really want to punch everyone involved in this commercial in the face repeatedly. One punch for every time I’ve seen the commercial, which would be a MILLION PUNCHES.

  2. Annoying? Definately. they guy with the blonde hair looks annoyingly familiar. Does anyone know who he is?

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