Songs Of Summer “I Want To Be A Billionaire” by Travie McCoy

Summer’s a great time. The weather gets nicer, the clothes get skimpier (time to bust out the muscle shirts!) and the music gets catchier. I know it makes me sound like an old man, but I’m getting pretty sick of all the homogenized, shitty pop music coming out over the pop stations the missus has programmed in her car. You’re lucky if you get a non-pitch corrected vocal and even luckier if an actual human with a soul is playing music on the track. Hopefully the summer will offer some fun tracks to break up the monotony. So far, I’ve heard a couple of good ones, that I will be documenting as they debut and make their way to radio or my ears. A couple days ago I heard Tracie McCoy’s “I Want To Be A Billionaire” and dug the track thinking it was Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson. Looks like there’s a new mellow dude playing acoustic guitar and making good pop songs. Welcome to the game Travie.

EDIT: So, when I first wrote this, I assumed Travie McCoy was the dude playing the acoustic guitar and Bruno Mars–who is featured on the song–was the dude rapping. Well, flip it and reverse it, gang because I had it wrong. Travie’s the rapper–he’s also in Gym Class Heroes, which I noticed, but didn’t know his name–and Bruno’s the singer. I discovered this while seeing an interview with Travie and wondering why they were interviewing the guy with all the tattoos and then seeing Bruno pop up in the “Nothin’ On You” video.

3 thoughts on “Songs Of Summer “I Want To Be A Billionaire” by Travie McCoy

      1. I actually was driving around today and passed up one Dunkin’ Donuts for another because I had not heard the full song yet and it was on.

        Fun fact: Kiel hates Dunkin’ Donuts and until I corrected him earlier this week thought it was called “Duncan Doughnuts.”

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