More TeeFury Fun!

After having such good luck the first time around with TeeFury’s grab bag shirts for $5 each, I decided to jump in once again when I saw they were doing another similar sale a week or so back. And, just like last time, I ended up with two shirts I really like and one I like but wouldn’t have chosen for myself. The Star Wars one is fantastic, poor Han. The missus doesn’t like the iZombie, but I think it’s hilarious. Gotta make sure not to wear that one around the little ones though. The snake Mobius strip is the one that I wouldn’t have chosen, but it’s pretty cool. Does anyone know if it’s a specific logo or reference to anything?

Milo seems to think the name of the company is TeeFurry. They’ve been in the house for about 24 hours and already look like they’re shedding. We both highly recommend keeping up on TeeFury’s updates for the next change at three great shirts for $15!

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