An Horse’s Rad “Postcards” Video

I’m still on a few smaller record label mailing lists thanks to the good ol’ days when I reviewed records for Performing Songwriter (you can see my review archives here). A lot of the stuff I would up reviewing isn’t what I would have thought was my kind of music, but I wound up discovering some really amazing artists like The Phenomenal Handclasp Band, Arizona and Petracovich (which I really need to review one of these days). Today I got the link for the above video by a group called An Horse and clicked through. I think I like the video more than the song itself, not because it’s a bad song but because the video is just so cool. I love seeing the creative process that artists go through and wish the thing would have actually been slowed down a bit because I was having trouble focusing on what they were working on. Regardless, it’s a pretty good song and a really cool video, so give it a whirl and if you’re interested in finding out more about the band, check out their website.

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