News Of The Day: Potential Tech Update For Football

I’m a big football fan and can’t freaking wait for the new season to start (why is the off season so long?!). Towards the end of last year I was thinking how much better the game would be with a little technical updating. I was thinking that implanting a chip in the ball and maybe adding some sensors to the field would take the “Was it in or out?” or “Was it a touchdown?” questions completely out of the game. Well, it seems that the NFL is in talks with Cairos Technologies to do exactly that according to Wired. The article says that purists would dislike the idea, but what’s to dislike? Why not use technology to enforce the rules set out and not rely on human fallibility? Sure, the real old timers might complain about the machines taking over, but I know I’d rather leave important calls up to science and technology. Unless, of course, it’s against my beloved Steelers. Then it’s time to get rid of those damn machines before they take over!

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