News Of The Day: Danielle Supposedly Off Jersey Housewives

According to Eonline’s Marc Malkin and his sources, Danielle Staub will not be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey next season. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who saw the preview for the season finale which will see Caroline asking Danielle for a meet up where it looks like she says that their interactions (between Danielle and the rest of the women) are over. Anyone who’s been reading my live blogs of the show can probably guess that I’m pretty jazzed about this. The woman has been nothing but huge glops of crazy and makes it hard to watch. But, having her not on next season isn’t quite enough, the women–specifically Jacqueline and Teresa–will actually have to stop talking about her to really make a difference. Oh and Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley will have to stop baiting her online. So, we’ll see if this turns out to be real or not and how much Danielle’s really not on the show anymore, because even if she’s not physically there her specter has the potential to hang over and taint the whole next season. Word’s still out as to whether Housewife hopefuls Kim G or Danny will make the cut if Danielle does not, but hopefully Dina will make  comeback.

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