Beer Review: Tremont Mr. Oktoberfest Seasonal Ale

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A few weeks back my folks visited. My dad and I went to the store and we picked up some beers. Usually I’d get a fall sampler pack, but they were curiously lacking at the store that weekend. Instead, Dad suggested we try something new and we settled on Tremont Mr. Oktoberfest Seasonal Ale. I’d seen Tremont beer at the store, but never tried one before, so this was an interesting experience, especially when we cracked the beers open and they had a surprising flavor. I was expecting a lager, but it turned out to be more of a stout. On first taste, I wasn’t really that into it as it had a bitterness to it, but then a sweetness snuck up that had a kind of chocolate. Over the next few weeks, I grew to really dig the beer and enjoyed slowly finishing the pack off. So, if you’re looking for a chocolaty version of Guinness this fall, give Tremont’s Mr. Oktoberfest Seasonal Ale a whirl. Also, I dig the old timey baseball player on the bottle!

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