Casting Internets

Big ups to my boy Agent M for finding and linking to Dan McDaid‘s Dr. Doom vs. Doctor Who artwork. It’s glorious!

Go look at Bob Mitchell in the 21st Century’s I’m the Goddamn Golden Age Batman entry for this week. It’s hilarious.

I have a longstanding love of Nerf and this N-Strike Stampede ECS-50 which I saw over on Entertainment Earth blew me away. It’s so wonderfully complicated!

There’s some interesting moves going on over at DC. Interesting moves indeed.

Pop Candy‘s Whitney Matheson talked to the lovely Christina Hendricks at a party hosted by Johnny Walker. She drinks her whiskey on the rocks. Oh goodness. Can she get any better?

What a strange Amalgam mixing Luke Cage and Metamorpho, but I kind of love it. This Mighty Fine Ghost Rider T-shirt is giving me 80s/90s T-shirt flashbacks in a good way. 26 bucks for a shirt’s kinda crazy though. (via Shirtoid)

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