Casting Internets

Congrats to my boy Alex Segura for his new gig over at Archie. I don’t think I remember Inception well enough to fully remember/understand this chart on Wired, but it looks really interesting.

The Autumn Society‘s Play Time show looked awesome! Wish I could have been there.

I don’t care about the new Spider-Man movie, but it’s ERIE how much Emma Stone looks like a comic character now that she’s died her hair blonde. Just head over to /Film for proof.

Chris Jones’ article about John McCain for is really interesting. I had a lot of respect for this dude until the whole Sarah Palin thing, so it’s too bad that he’s doing pretty much nothing of use anymore. I am a HUGE fan of Planet of the Apes–one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten is the Ape head box set seen wearing my drinking hat back when I was allowed to keep him in the house (he scares the missus and the cat)–so Wired‘s article about Rich Handley’s upcoming book From Aldo to Zira: Lexicon of the Planet of the Apes is right up my ape alley.

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