Casting Internets

So much rad art. First off, Oliver Nome drew Dream and Death from Sandman and posted it on Gelatometti.Wynn Ryder‘s James Bond goodness makes me wish there was a Bond comic book with reading. Check out the new sketchblog Planet Pulp. This months topic is rejuvenating an old character. Tom Whalen‘s Ghost Rider is my fave so far.

Interesting shelving in the latest Shelf Porn over on Robot 6, I’m especially interested in those built-into-the-wall long box shelves. Very cool.

Can’t. Freaking. Wait. Please don’t suck.

After reading Gulliver’s Travels, I noted that it would make for an interesting comedy. Turns out Hollywood and Jack Black were thinking the same thing as exemplified by the trailer I keep seeing on TV (which isn’t on YouTube for whatever reason) and this longer one.

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