Christmas Stories: Drinking Apparatuses

I don’t particularly care that it’s past regular Christmas, I want to bestow the virtues of my family members who both support and seem to encourage my drinking. Last year my mom got the wobbly glasses seen in this pic and this year the missus got me whiskey stones. The glasses are rounded bottom whiskey glasses from a company called Sagaform. They’re pretty rad and wobble around without falling over, kind of like a Weeble filled with sweet, sweet booze. They’re a lot of fun, but can be hard to handle the more you drink. The whiskey stones are a pretty ingenious idea in that they’re chunks of soapstone that you put in the freezer, drop into a glass, pour the whiskey and let sit for five minutes before drinking. That way you don’t water down the hooch! These are from a company called Teroforma and work excellently.

Before anyone starts worrying about my drinking habits, I’m having only one glass tonight and I think it’s well deserved. Not only did we pop a tire while ten minutes away from home after a four and a half hour drive yesterday (which got fixed pretty easily today, thankfully), but we also went through a crappy snow storm, had to dig our cars out and then just finished doing our best to clean up a hot water heater that had been dripping in our utility closet for God knows how long. I figured out how to shut the water off, ripped up the tile and dried everything inside as well as I could while the missus took care of the wet spots under the carpet. Gotta call a plumber tomorrow, but tonight, I’m gonna enjoy some Christmas presents and try not to freak out too much.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Stories: Drinking Apparatuses

  1. On the plus side, I was thinking about it and I’m pretty sure bad things only happen to us in twos… and then a good thing usually happens so I think we’re good for a while!

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