Food Of The Gods: Billy Joe’s Ribworks

I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing some restaurant reviews here on the blog. I realize they won’t be as interesting for folks who don’t live in my immediate area, but I’m looking to broaden my writing horizons and I happened to have an amazing meal last night that I really want to tell the world about (plus, maybe I’ll get more hits from local folks). Last night, the missus, the inlaws and I went to a place called Billy Joe’s Ribworks down on the Newburgh Waterfront (26 Front Street, Newburgh, N.Y. 12550). The newly opened barbecue joint sits in one of the many old buildings right on the Hudson River.

The place is huge, but was pretty well packed for a Thursday night. Going in I was a little worried that it would be pretty expensive or overly fancy because places on the Waterfront tend to be, but I was glad to find that neither was the case. The wait staff wore basic T-shirts and everyone seemed really nice and friendly. It wasn’t until we opened the menus though that things got really interesting. Sure they’ve got the usual BBQ stuff like smoked meats and ribs, but two sections of the menu that really grabbed my attention were the macaroni and cheese mixed with meats and vegetables and baked potatoes packed with similar ingredients.

Even as intriguing as those items were, I had to go with something classic and got “Ribs and Meat” with St. Louis ribs and brisket with sides of mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Before that, though, we started with a dozen smoked wings that were amazing. They fell right off the bone and tasted like angel wings. A great start to a great meal. Once the main courses came, I dove right in. Like the wings, the ribs fell off the bone with a great rub and sauce and the brisket was cooked perfectly, but the real star of the show was the mac and cheese side. It was so rich and creamy, possibly the best I’ve ever had. The missus got the Porky Mac which I sampled and was also amazing (basically my side but covering an entire plate and infused with pulled pork and bacon). I didn’t try the baked potato or other ribs the inlaws got, but everyone walked away happy and full. Heck there was so much Porky Mac left over that the missus will be eating it for the next three days.

Best of all is that the prices are very reasonable. All that food I ordered was only $16.99. I want to go back every week and try something new from the menu every time. I’ve got my eye on those potatoes and the mac, plus the series of sandwiches. Everything on the menu sounded interesting and everything seems reasonable price wise. All that mixed with a fun environment (crazy crap on the walls and everything) make Billy Joe’s Ribworks a new favorite restaurant in the area. I want to go to there all day long!

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