Casting Internets

Woof, what a day. To be completely honest, I knew about this before the internet and have been losing it on and off all day. I actually just started writing for Wizard again after a hiatus and it doesn’t sound like my work will get published. Strength to all my brothers who were still there and those now looking for other work. I urge the internet to remember that these are real people dealing with real problems. I liked both Tom Spurgeon and Rob Bricken‘s posts about the subject. More on this from me in a bit.

Happy birthday to my buddy Ben Morse, sorry it was tainted by such craziness. To lighten the mood a bit, check out my boy Rickey‘s version of Lil’ OMAC and his cat friend.

Seems weird to hype my stuff after today, but I need to pimp myself now more than ever considering I have no idea where I stand. Hey look, I wrote a thing on the history of Bane for MTV Geek.

I also wrote a list for Topless Robot about 10 awesomely geeky movies for sale via Warner Archive. There’s a lot of good stuff on the site. It’s funny, one of the commenters mentions Green Slime, that was honestly number 11 and didn’t make the cut.

Over at cxPulp the latest edition of Twisted ToyFare Theatre (Volume 11 to be exact) got a 4 exclamation point review! That volume was a ton of fun to work on. Wrote this one last night, it’s bittersweet now especially considering I haven’t gotten myself a copy yet. Fabio Moon drew Sandman! That dude needs to draw more comics.

It’s cool that Kevin Smith decided to take Red State on tour as part of the distribution as /Film reported (see the dates here), but I’m not sure what the point of saying he was going to auction it off and then auctioning it to himself was. Even so, I’m considering seeing the show in NYC if at all possible.

Interesting timing that a few days after getting caught up on James Kochalka’s intriguing American Elf diary comic that he gets named Cartoonist Laureate. Once again Spurge has the deets.

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