Casting Internets

Going from “a lot of dudes worked at Wizard” to “it must have been a boys club” is a ridiculous and unfounded statement. The picture The Beat refers to features several women who worked downstairs, but doesn’t have any of the many ladies who worked upstairs. I’d wager the ratios are pretty similar to those of male and female readers of mainstream comics.

If you’re interested in actual accounts from people who actually worked at Wizard I highly recommend checking out posts by my friends and former colleagues Ryan Penagos, Sean Collins, Chris Ward and Alex Segura.

Wah wah. Gotta love how every single comic news blog revealed who died in today’s Fantastic Four. So much for keeping it all a secret right? Can we all stop acting like this is a big, long lasting deal?

Please, go check out today’s entry on my Tumblr. It is hilarious.

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