TJ’s Toy Chest: Action League Demon & Knight Batman

I don’t buy a lot of toys anymore, mostly DC Universe Classics figures and little odds and ends here and there. But I’m always looking down the toy aisles at places like Target and Walmart, hit up Toys R Us whenever I’m near one and always check out places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx because they get some interesting discount stuff every now and then. Right before Christmas, I spied this 2-pack of Batman: Brave And The Bold Action League with Jack Kirby’s Demon and a knight version of Batman for a measly five bucks. Super score!

Well, since it was before Christmas, the missus wound up slipping the 2-pack into my stocking, so I had to wait until Christmas to actually get my hands on them, but I think it was worth the wait. I love the Demon figure. These little, 2-inch-or-so figures have five points of articulation at the shoulders, thighs and neck are already pretty posed, so you can’t do a lot with them there, but I think they look pretty fantastic on my shelf with other little toys. To be completely clear, I didn’t care much about the Batman figure, but even he’s pretty cool. The design is fun and the color scheme is outside the box when it comes to Batman. I’m not sure if these characters appeared on the cartoon–which I love but haven’t seen every episode of–but I’m always interested in seeing how Jack Kirby’s characters get interpreted (remember that cute lil’ Demon episode of JLU?).

Anyway, these little figures are a lot of fun and seem like a good gateway to get little kids enjoying the Batman and DC universes, much like Hasbro/Marvel’s Super Hero Squad toys. I’m all for that. The early they know about these characters and start getting interested in them, the better for the characters in all their forms.

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