Yesterday Was My Three Year Blog-O-Versary

Well, I would have done a timelier post on this, but I didn’t see the note on my iCal that yesterday marked my three year anniversary yammering about movies, TV and other stuff on the internets. I’m sure I’ve talked about this here and there, but I first got the idea to do a blog while working at Wizard. I even remember the specific day I asked about doing my own for the then-relaunched site. A bunch of us were walking to the New York Comic-Con and I asked then Wizard web guru and current Dark Horse duder Jim Gibbons if I could do a blog. He asked me what the hook would be and on the spot I came up with the idea for Kicking It Old School. The idea would be that, while the other guys doing blogs for the site would be about newer comics, movies and shows, mine would be about older stuff. He liked the idea and I don’t remember how long it took to set up, but by May 9th, 2009 I had joined the blogging world.

Much as I liked doing the blog for Wizard, I soon found the KIOS parameters a little confining. I also wanted to write about a few more personal things, so I eventually started my own blog over on Blogger and bought the domain name. Eventually, I abandoned KIOS, though I did copy over all posts by hand during one of the many times I worried about getting laid off along with my friends and coworkers long before actually getting laid off (you can read all of them under the Kicking It Old School category).

Eventually I moved from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve also gone from haphazard-at-best usage of images and videos to using them in a pretty uniform manner. I’m always trying something new and failing to come through just as often. I thought Friday Fisticuffs would be a great way to spend a Friday, but those posts have been less than consistent. I’d love to write about music more, but I’ve discovered that’s the hardest type of art for me to write about. I’m still trying though. The Photo Diary has gotten a lot of positive feedback and seems to be a pretty big hit. Just yesterday I started a new, somewhat recurring post called Last Night’s Shows, Today. I’ve even got a brand new series of posts I’m fine tuning right now called Dad Stuff, that will chronicle my experiences as a dad.

If you’re curious about the numbers, I have no idea what kind of hits I was getting while writing for WizardUniverse, though I believe they were pretty good and I lost a lot of them when I moved over to my own site. The old Blogger site had 11,506 hits when I closed up shop and I’ve got 185,614 as of this writing on the WordPress site which comes to 197,120. The most popular posts I write are the Jersey Shore and Real World ones, but the one I did about the Jersey Shore Halloween costumes skyrocketed around Halloween giving me my best day ever.

So, happy anniversary to me. I never thought I’d like blogging to the point where I would carry on with it after any work related obligations have disappeared. The best part for me, aside from attracting the occasional stranger to my little corner of the internet, is having a record of thing things I’ve watched and listened to over the past few years. It’s like a secondary memory which is very helpful considering I’m becoming an old man.

One thought on “Yesterday Was My Three Year Blog-O-Versary

  1. I am catching up on some old e-mails and just read this anniversary article – so interesting. I had no idea that is how this all started as I was late in clicking in to United Monkee.

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