Ad It Up: Secret Wars

Damn, how could you NOT want to buy this comic back in the day? That looks like just about the most epic gathering of heroes ever. It’s interesting that, for the most part, this is the exact same image used for the cover, except that it looks like Kitty Pryde was included in the ad and not in the comic cover (is that here right over Cyclops’ right shoulder?). Anyway, I’ve never read Secret Wars, because I don’t want to ruin the illusion. Scanned from 1984’s Jack Of Hearts #2.

2 thoughts on “Ad It Up: Secret Wars

  1. That is totally Kitty Pryde and she is definitely not on the actual cover or in the comic.

    Don’t read Secret Wars. Preserve your expectations. And never let Jim McCann lure you into a conversation about it.

    1. Yeah, I haven’t heard good things. I also have a fondness for the toys and commercials based on the toys that I don’t want to destroy either. Far as I’m concerned, the comic was filed with crazy vehicles, secret ID-revealing shields and poorly articulated heroes and villains.

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