Halloween Scene: Shredder (2003)

The premise of Shredder is really simple: a bunch of kids sneak onto a closed-down mountain to snowboard and start getting killed by a slasher dressed in all black and rides skis. Actually most of Shredder is pretty simple, as if it was written with a slasher checklist in mind. You’ve got the beginning scene where some guy you don’t know gets killed. You’ve got the kids who are mostly a-holes. You’ve got the scene where someone warns them about staying where they’re staying. You’ve got the scene of the useless cop stopping by and doing nothing helpful. You’ve got future victims completely clueless about their missing/dead friends. You’ve got victims posed in various “artistic” poses (good use of snow angels actually).

But even with all the obvious stuff, it’s still a fun little slasher movie. They lay out pretty early on that the killer who I will call The Black Racer only kills when people break the rules of skiing etiquette. There is a bit of a problem with the tone, though, as you know from the outset it’s goofy, but still takes itself kind of seriously and progresses like any other slasher flick.

The cast is okay though most of them are doing the best they can with the material they’ve got. There’s a stoner guy, a slutty girl, the alterna-chick, the rich chick, the good guy and the movie-obsessed kid who’s constantly filming (which leads to some problems when they show angles through his camera when the camera isn’t pointed in that direction). There’s also a guy who you think is one thing, but turns out to be another who decides the best way to fool people he doesn’t know is to put on a bad European accent. Hilarious stuff.

So, yeah, Shredder’s not a classic by any means and it certainly doens’t add anything to the genre except for the Black Racer one of the more ludicrously designed killers (why wear all black when you’re mostly killing people during the day in the snow?), but if you’re looking for a quick, fun little slasher movie that you don’t have to think about too much, give it a whirl on Netflix Instant.

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