Halloween Scene: Intruder (1989)

Don’t be fooled by the crappy DVD box art to the right. Spider-Man is spelled with a dash. Oh, also, Bruce Campbell’s in this slasher flick for about five minutes at the end and Sam Raimi did not direct the movie, but plays a worker in the grocery store besieged by a slasher. Intruder is actually directed by Raimi’s friend and Evil Dead Fake Shemp Scott Spiegel. I haven’t done any research on the movie aside from reading the IMDb Trivia page, but I got the feeling that Raimi and Campbell were helping a friend make his first movie.

And it’s a mostly successful, though sometimes goofy, effort, but what more would you expect from a late-80s slasher? The movie is set in a grocery store, so it’s kind of like a longer version of that scene from My Bloody Valentine 3D (and I assume the original, but it’s been way too long since I’ve seen it to remember for sure). The presumed killer is one of the two girls’ ex boyfriend who just got out of prison. The staff is in the store late this night because they’re repricing everything as the store is being sold. I’m not actually sure how those two things go together, but it’s possible I missed one of the finer details.

Anyway, it’s fun seeing Sam Raimi act and his brother playing the clueless stock boy/fruit chopper, but they’re joined by some good fellow actors and a pair of actresses you might recognize from Night Of The Creeps and Sleepaway Camp 2. I’m not great at recognizing actors, but I knew those two ladies looked familiar.

Without getting into spoilers, there’s a twist ending that I didn’t see coming, but possibly because I wasn’t paying that much attention. After that there’s a really interesting end that I’m surprised more horror movies haven’t tried to pull off. All in all, Intruder was a good effort packed with familiar faces, some okay kills and an environment you don’t see a lot in horror flicks. Not a lost classic, but fun enough to watch.

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