Halloween Scene: Losing Power & A Bit Of My Mind

Sometimes, I think I’ve seen too many horror movies. In case you don’t read my dad blog called Pop Poppa (or haven’t read my latest post over there yet), we lost power for about 28 hours this weekend thanks to an unseasonably early snow storm. The amount of snow fall was one thing, but the real problem came from all the trees still packed with leaves that got frozen and cracked from the trees causing all kinds of electrical problems. It went out around 5:00PM on Saturday and kicked back on around 8:20PM on Sunday, so it wasn’t the longest we’ve ever been without power (that would be 72 hours), but it was taxing, especially with the baby (though she seemed to handle it well).

Saturday night, I got a little paranoid. See, it wasn’t just that we lost power, something we were ready for thanks to a hefty supply of candles, flashlights, headlamps and touchlights, but the fact that our cell phones weren’t really working. I figured it had something to do with everyone trying to use their phones to make calls or go online, but it still gave me the heebie jeebies. I mentioned something along those lines to my wife who laughed at me and said we were not in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. No duh, zombies wouldn’t me much good in the snow, I said, but I was thinking more of an attack. I know it’s paranoid, but wouldn’t a storm be the perfect time to attack? Power lines down, communications interrupted-at-best and natural cover. Yeah, it’s crazy, but the idea ran through my head.

It didn’t last though and I slept fine that night. I didn’t have another scare until the power kicked back on at 8:20PM. I’ve been reading Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box which I will hopefully finish and write about soon and was doing so when the power kicked back in. We had turned most of the lights off and unplugged the TV and a few other things for fear of a power surge, so the way I realized the power was back–while reading the scariest book I’ve read in a long time–was by the shredder and printer kicking on at the exact same time. Earlier in the day, I had put a letter in the shredder, forgetting the power was out, so when it came on, it started shredding. Meanwhile, the printer does this thing where it makes noise at random times anyway, so the combination of the two really gave me a jump. I was excited that we had power again, but in kind of a terrified way. I guess that’s how Halloween should be!

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