Prefered Podcasts: How Did This Get Made?

After enjoying Paul Scheer on The League and finally getting around to listening to his WTF episode, I started following him on Twitter. That was fortuitous because he sent out a link last week about the latest episode of a podcast he does with Jason Mantzoukas (also on The League) and June Diane Raphael (who guested on Party Down) called How Did This Get Made? The concept is pretty simple, the three hosts and a special guest–usually a comedian, actor or writer as well as a few directors–get together and talk about a movie of questionable origins. For the most part, the titular question is asked in more of a “How did this piece of garbage get made?” but occasionally it’s along the lines of “How did something this awesome get made?”

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog on a regular basis knows that I’m a fan of goofy, bad movies as well as awesome ones, so this podcast could not be more in my wheelhouse. Add in the fact that some of my favorite comedians like Patton Oswalt, Nick Kroll, Ken Marino, Casey Wilson, Matt Walsh, Adam Scott and Rob Huebel among plenty of others, an appearance by Lost’s Damon Lindelof talking about Superman III and directors Lexi Alexander and Brian Taylor talking about Punisher War Zone and the Crank movies respectively and I honestly can’t stop listening to these episodes.

I was initially drawn to the podcast because of the interview with Taylor about Crank. Those are two of my favorite movies of the past ten years so it was interesting to hear people as much in love with it as I was geeking out with the director. Then I started going through the episodes of movies I had seen like Catwoman and Burlesque, but I realized even with movies I haven’t seen like Old Dogs and Jingle All The Way, the manner in which these folks talk about the movies brings you right in. In fact, I think it’s almost better not having seen the movies. The episode with Doug Benson and the gang talking about the second to last Twilight movie was particularly hilarious.

I know the internet is already filled with people complaining about movies, but that’s not really what this podcast is about. At least not in a complete bitching kind of way. For the most part–and I’ve listened to a half or third of the episodes so far–the hosts really do appreciate bad, goofy movies and enjoy pointing out how crazy some of them are (All About Steve sounds INSANE) though, of course, there are some that they just flat out hate. But, because those movies are in the minority, the overall experience is fun, like sitting in a room with a few cases of beers, some pizza and some pals laughing at some of the weirder movies ever made. I’m actually kind of bummed that I will be caught up in the next day or two (I think I listened to a dozen or so episodes yesterday) because then I’ll have to wait like everyone else for new episodes. But, that’s part of the fun of podcasts: finding some that’s been around, downloading like crazy, putting that in your ear holes and then punching on the new episodes as they come in.

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