Preferred Podcasts: Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin

I can usually remember how or why I start listening to a podcast, but that’s not the case with Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin, I do know that I’ve listened to almost every episode, though and have been very impressed. Alec Baldwin’s not the first guy you’d think to be a great interviewer, but he really is. He doesn’t just sit there and ask the obvious questions and he even gets to some really interesting ones that I wouldn’t have thought of. Better yet? The guests don’t dodge his questions. I think that’s because he’s in showbiz and is probably familiar with these folks to begin with.

The other thing I was impressed by was the diversity of the guests. Sure, the first episode featured Michael Douglas, but since then he’s interviewed Chris Jenner, political consultant Ed Rollins, David Letterman, food guru Robert Lustig and musicians Peter Frampton and Billy Joel. I was particularly blown away by the episodes featuring Lustig and Joel. I really dug both of those and recommend them both if you’re looking for a few shining examples of what he can do and how good this show can be. Give it a listen!

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