Toy Commercial Tuesday: Incredible Crash Dummies

Hey, remember when Incredible Crash Dummies was a thing? You might have vague memories of this property which was based on those car safety adds, but it was actually pretty huge for a few years spawing a line of action figures from Tyco, a cartoon on Fox and even video games for NES, Super NES, Sega, Game Boy and Game Gear (the last of which I owned, though I don’t remember why I picked it up). I think I might have had a toy or two from this line and while it seems like a weird source for toys, it makes sense when you really think about it. The entire thing is based around harmless destruction which is what every kid likes to think about. “What’s the most dangerous thing I can do?” Some kids don’t bother thinking past that and go a little crazy while others will add “without getting hurt” to the thought or just not go there at all. Toys that can explode and crash and then get put back together fit perfectly in with the mindset of a kid.

Here’s one of the original PSA commercials that the franchise was based on:

I remember when air bags were new. This makes me feel pretty old.

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