Toy Commercial Tuesday: Rambo & General Warhawk

Today’s selection for TCT actually came about from a pair of recent posts. First of all, I talked about innapropriate toy lines based on R-rated films for kids with last week’s entry in this column when talking about Alien Vs. Predator toys. A few days later, I wrote about re-watching and really enjoying First Blood. So, what better way to continue both subjects by showing off some of the toy tie-ins for the animated series Rambo: The Force Of Freedom?

I chose this particular commercial out of the group available on YouTube because this is the specific Rambo figure I remember having. As it turns out, this is how the character looks throughout most of Rambo: First Blood Part 2, a film that more prominently influenced mass culture than the original. I also that that General Warhawk’s sword launcher was pretty rad! It’s also interesting that the “battle action weapons” seem to be pull-string activated. I don’t remember any other toys doing that.

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